Deciding Between An At-Home Dentist Or Dental Office


While most medical care takes place inside of a hospital or institutional building, dentists are unique in that they can run successful in house practices. Both of these practices are professional, however they have different characteristics. If you are deciding between a dental practice run out of a home or a commercial dentist’s office, here are some things to keep in mind about your visits.

Waiting will be significantly decreased at an in-home practice

Due to a lack of space and less seating at an in-home dental practice, you are likely to be on of very few patients with your assigned time. In commercial offices, it is common for several dentists and dental hygienists to share a practice together. With at-home dentistry, it is typical to have one dentist and one or two hygienists working together. For this reason, the office will have less patients at one time, cutting down your waiting to nil.

Emergencies are easier handled at offices

Dental offices are likely used to high traffic and are able to handle a number of patients at a time. For this reason, if you have a dental emergency, you might prefer going into a dental offices. If an at-home dentist works alone, it can be difficult for them to remain on call. Most dental offices have emergency hotlines or a dentist who is on call each day to deal with major tooth issues that need immediate care.

Social anxiety is eased in-home

If you have issues with social anxiety and cannot stand to be around large crowds or have a lot of interaction at once, an at-home dental practice can be a sanctuary for you. Since in-home offices tend to be less crowded and have only one or two patients at once, you will be able to deal with your dentist and hygienist one on one. The home like environment may also ease your anxiety, as you have the knowledge that you are entering a house and having a procedure, rather than entering a place specifically created or procedures.

Scheduling conflicts may make the decision for you

If you are waffling between an at-home dentist and a dental office, the tie breaker can be figuring out scheduling for each. If an at-home dentist is popular, you find that it is difficult to schedule an appointment for your schedule. Some dental offices make it a point to have longer operational hours in order to accommodate many work and life schedules. Check how far out you need to make an appointment to figure out which office (like St Albert Summit Dental Centre) fits the bill.


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